PI in the SKY is a fully-integrated data management solution, with a variety of reporting packages (units) which are targeted to help your team gain insight into specific issues, and open the door for optimizing your process. We offer units which are centered around plant health, fermentation performance, lab sample scheduling, downtime & OEE, shift reports, production optimization, inventory management, remote HMI displays, PFD dashboards, commodity analysis, carbon intensity, and much more.

Data is collected automatically from systems such as your DCS, lab databases, operator logs, commodity systems, maintenance databases, and financial systems, and that data is then stored indefinitely and reported back to you in a web-based tool we call “PI in the Sky.” We will custom build interactive reports and KPIs which provide instant insight into your business, which was previously available only through painstaking work of manually extracting and aggregating data on a case-by-case basis. All components of the system are hosted and managed by Direct Automation, so you never have to worry about replacing hardware or upgrading your software. Give us a call to see how PI in the Sky can help improve your operations.


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