Q. Where is Direct Automation based out of?

A. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Centrally located in the nation, easy access to I-90 and I-29. About 20% of our employees are experts that work remotely in states like Tennessee, North Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and more. So we likely have an employee within driving distance of you. We also have airplanes so that we can take off in a moments notice and land at your municipal airport hours after we are alerted that you need us.

Q. Safety is a big issue for us, is it for Direct Automation too?

A. Direct Automation has developed a very safe culture. We have a dedicated safety officer and are ranked by popular safety auditing companies like ISN, First Verify, ERI, Browz, and more. We are meticulous in providing automation that has safety in mind, and will treat the safety of your employees as we treat the safety of our own.

Q. Direct Automation has been growing fast, can you keep up with the growth?

A. Yes. We have so far, and the game plan shows no signs of not working. We have been planning 5 years out continuously since 2012. We went from 3 employees to 50 in 7 years. And we plan to have 100 employees by 2025. We hire for where we plan to be, not for where we were 6 months ago.

Q. Direct Automation is non platform dependent, which is great, but do you have favorites?

A. Depends on the situation. For example, obviously high speed robotics versus process control call for different solutions and therefore different software and hardware. As does any situation where their is a previous installation to contend with, or the personal of the client that have previous training for them to leverage. We will recommend to you what we think is best, but you make the decision. But we always strive to install the latest proven technology in any brand that you end up choosing.

Q. Do you get involved in business dynamics?

A. Yes. We will be a broad supporter of your industry. For example, we are proud supporters of ethanol. Our first customers were in that industry and we quickly joined organizations like Growth, RFN, IRFA, and others; as well as participated in BBI and ERI opportunities for speeches and attend almost all conferences. We have since applied that same zeal to the Water and Wastewater industry, Power industry, and Oil industry. It helps us to get immersed in your industry to help you better.
On a more intimate level… on occasion we have branched out our typical niche in technology and we have assisted loyal customer plants with projects typically reserved for engineering firms and business consultants. We have several highly talented employees that are highly business savvy and even more that are esteemed engineers. We typically don’t advertise these services, but if you are looking and like our style, just ask.

Q. How do I become a customer of Direct Automation?

A. We’ve got salesmen and saleswomen that will happily get your scope documented and present you with a quote in a timely manner. Fill out an online form, call, or email us to get the process started.

One trait that seems even more prominent with technology quotes than other types of quotes, is that scope matching with competitors is very difficult. Keep in mind our scopes are often more inclusive and for a more complete project than our competition usually offers.