Our first client was an ethanol plant in 2012, and we’ve been picking up ethanol plants since. Our initial claim to fame was our blazing fast and immaculate DCS Migration service. The ethanol industry was plagued with many outdated APACs installations and those needed replacements before 2020. We have completed nearly 3 dozen of these in this industry, all in short time frames, with complete rip outs of the outdated system. We were and are the best in any industry for this service. We quickly branched out our service to include Data integration and support, IT projects and support, and advanced solutions in process automation.

We are proud supporters of the ethanol industry and members of Growth Energy, RFN, IRFA, Renew Kansas, and more. We attend all the conferences and regularly speak on panels to provide guidance to the industry in best practices. If you are in the ethanol industry, we are your solidest choice for your technology needs.