Security is critical for anyone with an online presence and Direct Technologies is here to help protect your business and its assets.  The era of security breaches comes with threats from hackers, malware, viruses, burglars, phishing and more. Superior cyber security, or IT security, is what you, your business and your customers deserve. Any “computing device” from laptops to mobile devices—or networks from public to private—can benefit from extra security measures. Both information security and physical security are vital to an organization and its customers protection, confidentiality and availability of critical data assets and Direct Technologies specializes in this area.

It’s not whether your systems and applications will be attempted to be broken into, but when. Direct Technologies will ensure your business has the correct security in place to avoid network attacks and invasions. We will also set up alerting systems to quickly notify you of an impending breach.

Premium Business Data Security begins with Next Generation Firewalls. You’ll need the IPS (Intrusion Protection Services), AMP (Advanced Malware Protection), URL/Web Filtering, and of course, you’ll want to increase your security coverage with logging of your firewall(s) and configuring alerting for your individual company’s needs.

  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

  • Enhanced firewall management 

  • AntiMalware, spam, virus protection

  • Password management and best practices

  • OS & 3rd party patch management

  • Base policy offering

  • Security awareness training, phishing, etc

  • Vulnerability assessments

  • OT & Industrial Security (Nozomi)

Learn about how Direct Technologies takes Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Security very seriously.


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