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Direct Automation is an automation integrator specializing in complex programming for the process industry. We are platform independent, meaning we do not have alliances with any brand of automation, so you know you are getting the best automation for your needs. We also work with non-proprietary equipment only, so you will never be forced into a continued relationship with us. Our services are available as an add-on to your existing system or during a new installation.

Include Direct Automation in the early stages of your project design to ensure automation is implemented to the best of its capacity. We can lighten the workload of your engineers by becoming the source of automation equipment and design. We can reveal opportunities for automation and control that we have real experience with. Once the project is complete, Direct Automation can stay on duty to ensure the project is successfully maintained.



Is your DCS in need of an update? Many systems are becoming “legacy,” meaning it will be nearly impossible to find new parts or operating systems to run them, not to mention people that are familiar with the system to work on it. Convert the legacy control system in your plant to a state of the art DCS with a better ROI, more control, less maintenance costs, more flexibility, friendlier user interface, and longer lifespan. Direct Automation offers a phased or a full conversion approach in order to work with your budget, schedule, and processing needs. Direct Automation has extensive experience in migrating legacy DCS installations in all on the following major platforms: Siemens APACS, Rockwell Allen-Bradley, Schneider Modicon, ABB System 6, Foxboro and others. Call today to ask us about a migration plan that is customized to fit your plant's needs.

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Direct Automation creates sequencing packages for batch processes like fermentation and mash coolers. We can also create custom sequences to meet your needs. The benefits of fermentation sequencing will improve batch timing and reduce the variances to increase efficiencies and throughput. Direct Automation can integrate sequencing alongside your existing DCS for a bolt on solution that can be utilized even after a DCS migration. The result of Direct Automation's sequencing is that your batches will be consistently accurate. Direct Automation also offers monthly support after installation. Give us a call and we can determine if you have gaps in production.



Many benefits of Advanced Process Control can be better achieved by implementing control strategies with the tools on your current control system. However, some complex logic just works better with APC. Now you can get APC Where You Need It, because Direct Automation provides a bolt on solution. Our bolt on APC can be implemented anywhere and be utilized even after a DCS migration. Automate processes, tune controllers, set alarms, and record data for every process imaginable. Reduce errors, inconsistencies, and down time to increase your bottom line and improve safety. We've saved 8% on annual natural gas usage for an ethanol plant on their grain dryers. Discuss the opportunities with Direct Automation to find out how our APC services can fit your needs.



Monitor your CIP system with acoustic monitoring. Acoustic monitoring will learn the sound of properly running spray balls and notify you when one starts to run poorly. This process provides an extra layer of security against batch infections. We can add this onto any current system.



You don't want to find out at the wrong time that a motor has failed. Give your maintenance managers more control and lead time with Wireless Machine Health. As a motor starts to vibrate poorly a message is sent to the DCS so that you can be ready with the parts you need - before disaster strikes.



Easily monitor and control parts of the plant that have traditionally been hard to access. Plant Wireless is a cost-efficient way to add sensors in places that couldn't previously be wired without the need for time consuming wiring. You can add sensors where and when you need them.



Sleep easy - Direct Automation's approach to 24/7 service is to implement tools and preventative maintenance measures to head off unforeseen issues in order to minimize emergency support situations. We look at the control system infrastructure and identify weak links that can inhibit control system performance. You will receive reports on control system performance and areas for potential improvements. An experienced point of view you can count on can be a valuable resource. Direct Automation's experienced programmers also have process experience that can help identify and implement control strategies to improve your plant's process. Call at any hour, any day - Our qualified personnel are available when you need us. We offer the option for remote PC control to solve your problems quickly. For emergencies, if needed, we can fly in and be at your plant in a matter of hours. Call us today to learn more.

Direct Automation is not new to automation. Our team has over 50 years’ experience in industrial automation.  We focus on automation add-ons (Sequencing, APC, OSI PI), new and expansion plant projects, 24/7 service & support and legacy DCS migrations all on the following major platforms: Emerson DeltaV, Siemens APACS, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Schneider Modicon, ABB System 6 and others.

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