…is to develop and deserve business relationships in which our clients trust us to provide well implemented, cutting edge, and profitable automation and data solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.


…is a technology integrator that you can trust with your DCS, PLC, IT, OT, Cybersecurity, and Data Automation. The company was founded in 2012 from a spinoff of a growing engineering construction company to capitalize on focusing on technology as it relates to industry. Direct Automation has been very successful and has 50 employees that are experts in their domains. We’ve completed multimillion dollar installations and migrations, as well as priding ourselves on completing smaller intimate projects for loyal customers.


…is technology in industry. Trust your PLC, DCS, or SCADA projects from inception to completion to Direct Automation. Our team also has cybersecurity experts for your business and operations IT and OT, that can completely audit, design, implement, and service your entire networks. Our data experts will consolidate all of your date into useable and automatic reports and alerts that will customize your management experience and help you run your business.

Direct does this to see you excel by freeing you from as many tasks as possible, and making those tasks as consistent, predictable, transparent, secure, and error free as they can be. When that happens, you will trust us to do more of your technology.

We work everywhere in North America. And we are open to offers of working overseas. While most of our clients are in the Midwest, clients all over the nation benefit from our services, and there is no reason not to extend that worldwide.


…are mostly process facilities. We have a large share of the ethanol market and are dominate in automation and data services there. We have large clients in the Coal Powered Energy industry, Sugarbeet industry, and Oil Field industry in the Bakken. Our local automation clients consist of water/wastewater facilities and grain handling facilities. And many others.


Because we are so involved with our clients, we often become advocates for the same things they advocate for. We are members of RFN, Growth Energy, IRFN, and more to support the ethanol industry.

We consistently attend conventions and give speeches for multiple industries. If we do business together, please suggest ways we can get involved.


…to fame has been our very rapid and detailed complete DCS migration capabilities.

We have done over 2 dozen complete DCS migrations of process facilities with over 3,000 I/O in less than 3 days. And when the client needs it done faster, we accommodate and do it faster. All of our migrations have been a resounding success and were absolutely complete rip and replace projects. So our customers are not left with extra messy junction boxes, extra cabinets, Frankenstein systems that require special connectors or gateways. This is absolutely the best solution for any process facility that wants the most valuable and error free solution to an aging system.

After we had success with the migration projects, we notice a need for IT and OT projects, and started completing those. Industrial IT is just not the same as business IT, so we created different goals and cybersecurity procedures for both. You really should not have local business IT people running your industrial IT/OT systems. We have experts in both.

And similarly, we noticed a need to consolidate data and make data meaningful and accessible. The internet of things has allowed for us to combine all the data in your facility in the smoothest way possible, and then make reports from that master database in real time and accessible by your team in a secure manner, and opening the possibility for machine learning for you company.